Why We List in HOMESTARS

Our Objectives

Like any certified home inspector in the greater Toronto or Mississauga areas, our credentials and objectivity are an important component of what we offer our clients. Our objective is simple - to offer our clients an informed and reliable inspection of their home so that they can place trust in the asset they are evaluating. To do that, we must be completely credible.

Homestars doesn't help keep our (or your!) costs down...

The idea of having to pay Homestars a fee to be more readily identified as a quality home inspector goes a bit beyond the objective - paying Homestars $200 per month to stand out from other home inspectors seems to contradict their value. But it is what it is,.


We find that being on HOMESTARS, although we do not pay for a premium listing, assures transparency in all that we do. It means that we are prepared to have our services held up to public scrutiny. Yes, we know there are contractors that will "play games" on Homestars and try to force or stack reviews of their services. We don't do that. We try to keep it simple and open, and by doing so offer confidence in our services.


Our HOMESTARS listing also ensures that we are accountable to our customers. We don't want our customers to be unhappy - in Homestars or out - and using Homestars is a way of ensuring that we hear what good or bad things our customers might say about us. Our accountability is one way we get the feedback necessary to improve what we do. 

If you are a customer, and are willing, we would like to hear your comments about our services.  You can direct them through our contact form, or through Homestars, whichever you prefer.