Pre-Listing Home Inspections For Toronto And Surrounding Areas

A home inspection report that identifies problems with your home can be frightening to your buyer. If the issues or comments are bad enough, the buyer may decide against going through with the sale. At the very least, you may have to fund a repair before the closing deal or potential compromise on your selling price. Either way, it's a problem to be avoided.


Forewarned is forearmed. Ordering a pre-sale home inspection can save you and the buyer a lot of unnecessary trouble. It will provide you with an objective assessment of the condition of your home and it will provide the prospective buyer with a higher confidence that your home will be relatively risk-free. A pre-listing home inspection from a Holley home inspector covers the same systems and details as a typical pre-purchase home inspection.The systems covered by the company include the following segments of your home:


      • The roof system
      • The exterior
      • The structural system
      • The electrical system
      • The heating system
      • The air conditioning system
      • The plumbing system
      • The insulation of the house
      • The ventilation of the house
      • The Interior walls, ceilings, floors and fixtures of the home.


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