Infrared Home Inspections

No matter how good a home inspector you might be, there's quite a bit you just can't see. That's why Holley Home Inspections now offers infrared imaging as part of its regular house inspection services. It's the best way of ensuring that unseen problem can be identified. 

What is infrared imaging?

Everything gives off a certain amount of heat in the form of infrared energy. Infrared imaging is a way to "see" that heat energy. With most infrared measurement devices, for example, colder ares are darker and "hot" areas are brighter. 

What can it show?

An infrared image of the interior or exterior of your home can show things the naked eye can't. Among other things,  

      • Heat loss from missing insulation.
      • Unseen roof problems.
      • Slow plumbing leaks.
      • Electrical faults that could pose a fire hazard.
      • Structural defects.
      • Rodent infestations. 

How much does it cost?

Many Toronto home inspector apply a separate charge to include infrared imaging in their inspection. We don't. We see it as a necessary component to a thorough inspection, and another reason why we're your best choice for a residential inspection.